By Steve Robinson | May 11, 2018 - 10:13 pm
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Clay and Sue Wiseman and the “Win For Wiseman” Scholarship Committee just wrapped up awarding two $5,000 prizes to two Heyworth High School seniors for the third straight year. With that money, the college careers of Amber Tomlin and Riley Ryburn have received a boost even before they have begun. The college careers of the four previous recipients who were awarded these prizes in 2016 and 2017 also must have felt boosted by the effort those students put into their essays. Right now, those kids are wrapping up their sophomore and freshman years at college, respectfully.

The award is named for the Wiseman’s youngest of two sons, Noah, who passed away in 2014.

And while being a small town helped the Wisemans in raising the money that first year to make giving away two $5,000 scholarships possible, the passage of time and life’s frantic pace has made continuing to raise dollars for two scholarships that much more challenging, Clay Wiseman, Noah’s father, admits.

Going into what will be the fourth year of the scholarship will, Clay, and his wife, Sue, anticipate seeing two more HHS students be awarded another pair of $5,000 scholarships for having written an essay in order to respond to a challenging question devised by the Scholarship’s committee. That committee consists of the Wisemans; Their older son, Kyle, and his wife, Jill; and Jeff and Julie Day. The Days oversee the money that comes in to the scholarship fund and pass it along to the school which set up an account the money goes into.

“A lot of family and friends, and the community have helped make the scholarship’s success possible,” Clay Wiseman said. He adds that their scholarship is the largest locally-awarded scholarship at HHS Senior Awards Night. That’s what HHS Counselor Rebecca Stanton has told the Wiseman family, Clay and Sue told me.

“As we acquire new acquaintances and make contact with different friends, we’re approaching them” with the story of the scholarship and the need to raise funds, Clay Wiseman said.

“Rebecca has been nothing but kind and helpful to us throughout the whole process,” Sue Wiseman said of Stanton, who has worked at HHS for two years. The scholarship has helped kids who really need the assist to pay for their education, she added, explaining that is something she has heard from talking to Stanton.

Sue Wiseman also wanted to make sure the public knew of the help her family has received from Julie Day. Day was the person who approached the Wisemans with the notion of getting the scholarship started. “If it weren’t for Julie, this scholarship wouldn’t have come to fruition,” Sue said.

“Julie has done so much for us, and Jeff and Julie have been the inspiration behind this,”

Sue said. “Our family is truly grateful for everything they have done.” Sue credits Julie’s organizational skills with how the operation of the scholarship’s financial process has worked so far.

I have only gotten to know Sue and Clay, and Julie through interviews during phone conversations. But I can tell you this entire group of folks, and those who are helping keep this scholarship alive do it to help two deserving students who have dreams for their future. That’s been the sole goal here. They just want to see two HHS students do what young people that age ought to – strive to learn about the world, and then about a course of study that will relate to what they want to do for a career in this world. They don’t want anything beyond that. In today’s world, that can’t be a bad thing.

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