NORMAL – Normal Town Council members unanimously conditionally approving a site plan for 2012 W. College Ave., a property owned by Council Member Stan Nord during their March 16 meeting in Council Chambers on the fourth floor of Uptown Station. Nord, elected to his first term as a Council member last April, removed himself from the Council dais prior to discussion on the matter began. Normal Planning Commission members granted a conditional approval to the site plan at a meeting held March 5.

Among the improvements Nord sought permission for included: A gravel area sought for storage of outdoor containers; A storm water detention area; A means to protect the property from a nearby stream; Permission from the Town for additional landscaping including adding five white cedar and five cottonwood trees; Permission to put new facing of current signs; And a bike rack.

The report submitted to Council members on the resolution for the site plan, submitted by Town Planner Mercy Davison, also said the current street infrastructure could handle the sorts of loads Nord’s company was expecting, but that the existing asphalt driveway “may not hold up well under the strain of the additional truck traffic.” The report stated if deterioration of the driveway were to happen, it would need to be repaired or replaced.

The discussion on the matter began with Council Member Kathleen Lorenz asking if the matter could table it until Nord could have his legal representative present for a Council discussion. The Council vote to table the matter failed as a result of a 3-3 deadlock in voting, with Mayor Chris Koos, and Council Members Kevin McCarthy, and Lorenz voting for tabling the matter, while Council Members Chemberly Cummings, Karyn Smith, and Scott Preston voted in opposition to doing so.

Water Rate Hikes, Shutoffs Postponed: Council members also voted unanimously to postpone any scheduled shut-offs of water of residents behind in their payments and City Manager Pam Reece recommended to Koos that the Town consider postponing a scheduled utility rate hike due to concerns regarding COVID-19 virus. Reece said all customers who had their water turned off as a result of payment issues have had their taps turned back on.

Liquor Commission Receives “Marie’s” Update: Council members, serving in their capacity as members of the Normal Local Liquor Commission, held a meeting prior to the Council session. During that Commission meeting, Koos reviewed for Commissioners that two gaming parlors owned by 35 Years, LLC Landmark, doing business as Marie’s Place, were found not to be serving food to patrons. “That has gone through a number of hearings,” Koos said. He added that at a Liquor Commission meeting on March 18, 2019, Commissioners elected to take no action on renewing the business’ licenses but rather, decided for the matter for a hearing to be conducted before an administrative officer.

Koos said the administrative officer was to make recommendations to him for further consideration. He added a hearing did take place but was suspended while legal representatives for the business owners and the Town hashed out legal matters. He added that at the time of the hearing, sale of the business was being pursued.

Koos added that following a gaming parlor audit conducted by the Town on Feb. 19 this year, “the licensee’s establishment was again found to be out of compliance with the requirements of the liquor license.” He said that during a hearing on that matter on March 9, the hearing was adjourned so that “jurisdictional issues” could be discussed. The hearing officer had the hearing’s continuance slated for on March 19. Koos added that after that day’s hearing, he expects to receive the hearing officer’s recommendation on the matter.

In addition to that matter, Koos reported all liquor holders, 72 in total, ranging from bars to restaurants to hotels to gaming parlors to The Corn Crib baseball stadium, had paid their liquor license renewals in full.

Omnibus Agenda Items Approved: Omnibus agenda items approved by the Council included:

• Approval of the minutes of the public hearing held March 2, 2020.

• Approval of the minutes of the regular Council meeting held March 2, 2020.

• Report to receive and file Town of Normal expenditures for payment as of March 11, 2020.

• A resolution rejecting bids for the Maxwell Park OSLAD Grant renovation project.

• A resolution authorizing staff to execute a three-year contract with Bloomington-based American Pest Control, Inc. for integrated pest management (IPM) services for an annual cost of $10,572.

• A resolution authorizing a contract extension with Washington, D. C.-based Cardinal Infrastructure, LLC for professional services related to Federal advocacy and funding.

• A resolution authorizing a contract with Winchester, Ind.-based Culy Contracting, Inc. for the Uptown Normal cistern rehabilitation project in the amount of $154,120.

• A revised resolution to appropriate $1,550,000 of Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds for the resurfacing of various streets for the 2020 MFT street resurfacing project and authorize the Town Engineer to sign the IDOT general maintenance form.

• A resolution authorizing execution of a service agreement with the lowest responsible bidder for the supply of electricity for residential and small commercial retail customers who do not opt out of such a program.

• A resolution authorizing the renewal of a joint agreement with the City of Bloomington and the Action Ecology Center for an energy efficiency program.

• A resolution approving a salary schedule adjustment for classified employees to reflect a cost of living adjustment.

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