By Steve Robinson | December 22, 2020 - 10:08 am
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NORMAL – In this day and age, working for one company or organization in one’s career could be considered rare, possibly even unheard of. But the Town of Normal has a number of employees who achieved reaching milestones in terms of length of time employed. Prior to Monday’s regularly-scheduled Normal Town Council session, held remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Chris Koos recognized those persons who have worked for the Town and achieved such milestones.

Koos said such recognition for employees reaching job milestones or publicly reaching retirement has usually taken place during the Town’s annual Mayor’s Appreciation Reception, generally held in mid-summer. But the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the event from taking place this year.

Employees With 35 Years Of Service (And Town Department): Greg Troemel (Inspections Dept.), and Brenda Peden (Normal Public Library).

Employee With 30 Years Of Service (And Town Department): Mari McKeeth (Normal Library).

Employees With 25 Years Of Service (And Town Department): Scott Danielson, John McMann, Greg Mohr, and Bob Shumaker (Fire Department); Ron Stoll (Police Department); Eric Ashenbremer, and Ed Thomas (Public Works Dept.).

Employees With 20 Years Of Service (And Town Department): Terry Whalen (Engineering Dept.).

Employees With 15 Years Of Service (And Town Department): Jenny Raisbeck (Cultural Arts); Andrew Huhn (Finance); Amy Couillard (Normal Library); Chris Kelley, Chris Onsrud (Parks and Recreation); Shane Bachman, Warren Dobson, Jim Ferguson, Jeremy Flood, and Todd VanHovein (Normal Police Department); Andrew Casali, Cody Friedlein, and Chris Pipp (Public Works); Troy Knollenberg, and Chris McCammon (Water Dept.).

Employees With 10 Years Of Service (And Town Department): Chad Phillippe (Facilities Management); Carlos Aguilar, Matthew Johann, Matt Swaney, and Jared Zobrist (Normal Fire Department); Jon McCauley, Eric Sage, and Mindy Vaughn (Normal Police Department); and Dallas Woodworth (Public Works).

Retirees Recognized, Too: Employees who have decided to retire were also recognized by Mayor Koos. That list of retirees, (the department they worked in), and their years on the job are: Ed Collins 30 years, Kevin Henderson 26 years, and Darrell Reeps 25 years (Normal Fire Dept.); Mindy Dance 22 years (Innovation and Technology); Sheila Elgin 29 years (Inspections Dept.); Craig Humphrey 31 years, and Helen “Jeanne” Moonan 36 years (Normal Public Library); Brian Quinn 25 years, and Michael “Paul” Smith 26 years (Normal Police Dept.); and Tom Butler 32 years (Parks and Recreation Dept.).

The person who was recognized as having the longest tenure of all of those retiring this year is Paul Filter, who is retiring after 44 years as part of the Town’s Public Works Department.

Koos said the list was “pretty impressive,” and closed the announcement by saying, “Thank you all for your time with the Town of Normal. I hope you stay connected to Normal.”

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