Website Credits

Many thanks to some wonderful friends (L-R): Ron Foster, Melissa Foster, Esther Kaiser, Britney Arteman, Robert Hanson, B.J. Meadors, Kerry Bradley, Owen Anderson and Sharon Harris.

I often complain that I don’t think I have enough friends in town. Most of the time, the only way I find out how many friends I have for certain is to watch my long list of Christmas card recipients (most of whom live away from here) get longer and longer.

But, Sugar Creek Arts Festival in Normal the second weekend of July, may have proved me wrong about not having many “in town” friends.

When I got the idea for this page, I thought of it as strictly a one-man show…a guy and his writing. Then some friends of mine who have kids prompted me to come up with an idea: Why not ask for a little help with the promotion for and enjoy friends’ company at the same time?

So….at this year’s Sugar Creek Arts Festival, I did just that.

I enlisted the help of some wonderful people and we all had a great day. I have to say it publicly: I am very grateful to these wonderful people for helping me out….Thank You!!!!

Right off, a big thank you to some parents: Sharon Harris’ mom, Laurel, who has always said, “I trust you with my kids.” To Cindy Bandeko, B.J. Meadors’ mother, who said she knows her daughter has good judgment (and it shows, too).

It is Sharon’s photography you see of me as I did some interviews. This young lady has a wide variety of interests. She has been in two school plays at Normal Community High since I have gotten to know the family and now she is talking about wanting to play on the school’s soccer team. I think I will get my tickets now.

Thank you to B. J. and Esther Kaiser for bringing friends along. B. J. brought boyfriend Robert Hanson with her, while Esther brought her friend from Peoria, Britney Arteman along on our little adventure.

And thanks to Melissa Foster’s folks, Ron Foster and Linda Green, for helping make sure I had some help when I was nearly short-handed (Ron took time from his schedule to distribute my cards when one of the other kids couldn’t make it. We missed you, Sarah).

To Mike and Carol Schapmire, Owen Anderson’s parents, who entertained us at a barbecue last summer at the home Owen now owns. We had a wonderful time. Owen and Sharon have been dating for almost two years and he is a wonderful friend. The Schapmires are, too.

Who says love can’t survive a few differences…? Owen and Robert attend Normal Community West High School while Sharon and B. J. attend Normal Community High.

To Lyuba Shur, Esther’s mom, for allowing her spirited daughter to pitch in. Thanks for the help, you two.

Lastly (and I hope to get a picture of him up shortly), a huge thank you to Kyle Schiebel, one of the owners of Cyberia, the store where my web site is housed. Kyle is the design man in this operation. I just write and cover events. Kyle makes it look good…really good. Thanks, Kyle. Appreciate all the help over nearly the last three years.