By Steve Robinson | June 1, 2021 - 10:43 pm
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NORMAL – A teacher from Normal Community High School leads the list of instructors who were honored for winning numerous awards recently given by Beyond The Books Foundation and were recognized by members of Normal-based Unit 5 School Board during the governing body’s May 26 meeting held in Normal Community West High School’s cafeteria. A total of 17 district teachers were awarded monies for 19 projects. The total amount of grant monies awarded Unit 5 teachers who applied came to $59,138.

Schools where grant winners work, project titles, and the amounts awarded are:

Normal Community High School: Liz Harris, Normal Community High School, “Making A (Green)house A Home, $15,000.

Colene Hoose Elementary School: Jason Alexander, Colene Hoose Elementary School, “Community Composting,” $$1,315;

Pepper Ridge Elementary School: Shauna Gourley, Pepper Ridge Elementary, “Feeding The Mind,” $4,875;

Prairieland Elementary School: Kelli Halsey, Prairieland Elementary, “STEAM Playground,” $2803;

Chiddix Junior High School: Lisa Galliart, Chiddix Junior High School, “Apple Pharaohs, $233;

Parkside Junior High School: Jessica Stutz, Parkside Junior High School, “I Need To Unwind,” $311;

Glenn Elementary School: Jamie Haseman, Glenn Elementary, “Collaboration Boxes,” $355; and Kim Harmon, “A Path To Success!” $4,900;

Brigham Early Learning: Melissa Adams-McCarthy, Brigham Early Learning, “Books Alive: Using Objects, Actions, And Engaged Play To Create Literacy,” $400;

Normal Community High School: Brad Smith, Normal Community High School, “Bioengineering-Brain-Machine Interface And Neuroscience Unit,” $2,000; Daniel Higby, “Hands On Minds On Community,” $4,994; Brad Bovenkerk, “Whisper Rooms: Amplifying Student Voice,” $4,840; Stephanie Hedgespeth, “#DisruptTexts: Disrupting To Kill A Mockingbird,” $4,391.

George L. Evans Junior High School: Kate Shanks, “You Can’t Handle The Truth: Taking A Stand For Characters On Trial,” $1,059; and for “Boom, Bang, Crash: Adding Sound Effects To Old Time Radio Broadcasts,” $514.

Benjamin Elementary School: Mary Aper, “You Can COUNT On First Grade,” $400; Jennifer Gibson, “Getting Math In Students’ Hands So They Understand It With Their Heads (District level Unit 5), $1,850; and Lauren Romero, “Instrument And More: Adapting Classic Methods To Current Realities,” $4,268; and “Orff Instruments – Helping Meet Students Where They’re At,” $4,985.

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