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NORMAL – Normal Town Council members quickly addressed a pair of omnibus items during their meeting held Tuesday night in Council Chambers on the fourth floor of Uptown Station Tuesday night. One dealt with purchase of a piece of equipment for the Town Water Department while the second dealt with extension of the sanitary sewer being extended in areas west of Rivian Motorway. The meeting was held Tuesday because Town offices were closed to observe the 4th of July Federal Holiday on Monday. One Council member, Stan Nord, was absent from the session.

Purchase Of Equipment For Town Water Department Approved: Council members voted unanimously approved a resolution to waive formal bidding process and accept a quote from Perry, Ga.-based Utility Service Co., Inc. for the purchase and installation of a pax tank mixing system for use in the Town’s west reservoir located on West College Ave. near Interstate 55. The reservoir, constructed in 1983, holds 4 million gallons of water.

In a report submitted to Council by Town Director of Water John Burkhart, the reservoir has experienced periods “low chlorine residuals, stratification, nitrification, and poor circulation.” Such problems, Burkhart added in his report, “are typical of a ground storage reservoir.” The problems the reservoir have had which this repair would address become more apparent in summer and fall months, due to warmer weather,” Burkhart’s report added.

In answer to a question from Council Member Karyn Smith, Burkhart explained the new system was replacing a system which wasn’t working as well as anticipated. The system being replaced was approved by Council in 2008. Of the system approved for purchase at Monday’s session, Burkhart responded to a question from Council Member Scott Preston explaining the hope is the new system will last 20 years.

Council Members Kathleen Lorenz and Kevin McCarthy each commended Burkhart of his department’s efforts when it comes to performing preventative maintenance on the Town water system.

Work On Design For West College Ave. Sanitary Sewer Extension Approved: Council members unanimously approved a resolution to enter into an agreement with Springfield-based offices of Crawford, Murphy & Tilly to perform engineering design services for a sanitary sewer extension for West College Ave. The Town would spend an amount not to exceed $60,000 and required a corresponding budget adjustment. The project will provide sewer system access for future development which would take place in areas along and west of Rivian Motorway. The preliminary cost of the extension is $1.1 million.

In his report to Council members, Town Engineer Ryan Otto explained with ongoing expansion at Rivian Automotive going on, opportunity for further development in that area means necessary infrastructure needs to be available to support it as that area continues to expand.

Otto’s report added existing sewer service is not available either along or west of Rivian Motorway. The Town’s current sewer service is provided to existing businesses and Rivian Automotive, but ends roughly 2,800 feet east of the Rivian facility. His report said the proposed 18-foot sanitary sewer extension will serve roughly 630 acres of undeveloped land west of Rivian Motorway. The extension of sewer line would allow new businesses to develop in that area, his report added.

Council Member Smith Reminds Residents To Keep Yard Waste Out Of Curbs: The recent downpours we have experienced have caused some yard waste to move from yards to curbs and near gutters, Smith pointed out. She encouraged residents to keep their curbs free of such waste to prevent it from blocking storm drains. She said such debris like weeds and small tree branches can be put in cans for disposal if the cans have stickers from the Normal Public Works Department designating what the debris is. She added such debris must be in the yard and not in the street in order to be collected by the Town. She added residents who see clogged drains should contact the Public Works Department to make them aware of the problem.

Craft Beer Bingo Month Mentioned To Raise Money For Children’s Museum: Council Member Kevin McCarthy reminded attendees during July. Five participating breweries are holding a month-long fundraiser with monies going to Children’s Discovery Museum. Bingo-style game cards can be picked up at, and money raised from the event will benefit CDM. The breweries taking part are: Medici, Destihl, Keg Grove Brewing Co., Lil Beaver Brewery, and White Oak Brewing. Players have until Aug.7 to turn in their game cards and cash prizes will be awarded Aug. 9.

Omnibus Agenda Items Approved: Omnibus agenda items approved by the Council included:

• Approval of minutes of the special Council meeting of June 14, 2021.

• Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of June 21, 2021.

• Report to receive and file Town of Normal expenditures for payment as of June 30, 2021.

• A resolution to accept proposal with Boston, Mass.-based CDM Smith for an ammonia removal study at a total cost not to exceed $140,956 and approve an associated budget adjustment of $956.

• A resolution authorizing a four-year well rehabilitation and repair services agreement with Fenton, Mo.-based Layne Christensen, a Granite Co.

• A resolution to approve executive session minutes, to release executive session minutes from minutes in 2021 held March 29 and June 14; and to retain confidentiality for executive session minutes held June 19, 2017, February 18, 2019, April 15, 2019, and June 21, 2021.

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